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Let’s put your automotive brand In the fast lane

At Jenkins SEO, we understand that the automotive industry isn’t just about vehicles; it’s about a community and a lifestyle. We’re not just SEO experts; we’re car enthusiasts at heart. This unique blend of professional skill and personal passion drives us to deliver tailored SEO strategies that resonate with your audience and rev up your online presence. Whether you’re a local repair shop, a national parts distributor, or a car dealership, we’re here to boost your brand’s performance and steer you to the top of search results.

Common Automotive SEO Mistakes

What It Means

Imagine your automotive business is a high-performance vehicle, but it’s parked in a garage where no one can see it. That’s what having no SEO strategy is like. Your online presence isn’t tuned up to be found by search engines, meaning you’re off the radar for customers searching online.

Why It Matters

In the digital fast lane of the automotive world, being invisible online means you’re missing out on a race you’re not even in. Most potential automotive customers start their journey with a Google search. If you’re not showing up there, you’re missing out on leads and sales, period.

How We Can Improve It

Let’s get your business out of the garage and onto the digital highway. We’ll fine-tune your website’s engine with automotive-focused SEO – think of it as adding turbos to your online presence. From revving up your site structure to fueling it with keyword-rich content, we’re talking a full-service checkup that makes your site both search-engine and user-friendly.

What It Means

Pumping all your budget into paid ads is like burning rubber at every green light – it’s flashy and fun but eats up resources fast. In the automotive sector, paid ads can get pricey quickly, especially when you’re bidding on those high-demand keywords.

Why It Matters

Just like the quick rush of a drag race, paid ads give you a short-lived thrill – a sudden traffic boost that disappears as soon as you stop paying. This approach can drain your marketing budget without building a lasting online presence.

How We Can Improve It

Let’s shift gears to a more sustainable strategy. We focus on building a robust SEO foundation that brings long-term traffic growth, better engagement, and more qualified leads to your site. It’s like investing in a classic car that appreciates over time, rather than renting a flashy one for the weekend.

What It Means

If SEO were a race, underutilizing organic search opportunities is like sticking to the slow lane. You’re not fully harnessing the power of search engines to boost your automotive business, resulting in fewer customer eyeballs on your services.

Why It Matters

Organic search is the autobahn of the internet – it’s where you can really open up the throttle. Customers trust organic results far more than ads. Ranking higher here means more credibility and visibility for your brand, driving qualified traffic right to your showroom door.

How We Can Improve It

Let’s put the pedal to the metal. We’ll revamp your SEO strategy with automotive industry-specific keywords, optimizing your site from bumper to bumper. This means better search engine rankings, a more robust online presence, and a steady stream of traffic that’s keen on what you’re offering.

What Do Automotive SEO Experts Do

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Begin with a thorough SEO audit, both technical and non-technical. We’ll scrutinize your website’s structure and content, identifying areas for improvement to lay a solid foundation for your SEO journey.

Targeted Keyword Research

Next, we dive into keyword research, focusing on niche-specific terms. This crucial step ensures your website attracts the right traffic, connecting you with your ideal audience in the automotive space.

Content Planning and Creation

With keywords in hand, we move to content planning and creation. From informative articles to engaging service pages, we develop content that speaks to auto enthusiasts, boosting your site’s relevance and appeal.

Strategic Link Building

If needed, we enhance your site’s authority through careful link-building. We secure quality backlinks from reputable automotive sources, strengthening your site’s credibility and boosting its ranking potential.

Additional Service – Local SEO Audits

For businesses focusing on local markets, we offer specialized local SEO audits. Tailoring your online presence to dominate local searches, we help you become the go-to automotive business in your community.

Additional Option – Website Development

We provide custom website development for those without a website or needing an upgrade. Focused on user experience and SEO, we build and market sites that capture and convert automotive interest effectively.

Why Automotive SEO is Crucial

Increase in Organic Traffic

Highlighting the dramatic potential for traffic growth, a Transmission and Auto Repair company experienced a 268% increase in organic traffic through specialized SEO strategies.​

Increase in Organic Revenue

A private number plate provider achieved a 215% increase in organic revenue, highlighting the potential for significant revenue growth through SEO strategies.

Cheaper Client Acquisition

Cost per acquisition (CPA) from organic traffic (SEO) is 90.5% cheaper than from paid advertising channels.​ That’s even more money in your pocket.

Automotive SEO Discovery Call Meeting

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A Little About Me

Howdy, I’m David, the force behind JenkinsSEO, where my love for cars meets my passion for SEO. Starting in marketing three years ago, I quickly discovered that SEO, unlike other online marketing areas, genuinely resonates with my values and interests.

Growing up surrounded by Hot Wheels and monster trucks, cars have always been a big part of my life. At JenkinsSEO, I combine this lifelong passion with my SEO expertise to help automotive businesses realize their untapped potential.

It’s not just about growth; it’s about connecting passions and driving dreams forward, one search result at a time.

David Jenkins

Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive SEO is tailored to the specific needs of the auto industry. It’s about understanding the language of car lovers and the technical aspects of vehicles, which informs keyword choices and content strategy.

Results can vary, but typically, you might start seeing some improvements within 3-6 months. SEO is a long-term strategy, so the real significant gains often become apparent after about six months. While this might seem too long when you can just pay for ads now, think of it as an investment that will be better in the long run.

Yes, SEO can be effective for both. For local businesses, it focuses on targeting customers in specific areas, while for national businesses, it’s about capturing a wider audience across various regions.

Organic SEO is cost-effective and provides lasting results. Unlike paid ads that stop when you stop paying, SEO continues to drive traffic and improve visibility over time, building a strong, sustainable online presence.

Absolutely not. We can work with your existing site to optimize it. There are select times when it might be easier to start from scratch, but that is infrequent.

We keep it simple and effective. Success is measured by visible improvements in search rankings, an uptick in website traffic, and, most importantly, an increase in customer inquiries or sales. It’s not just about climbing the Google ranks; it’s about driving real business results. Think of it as tracking your journey from the starting line to the finish, ensuring you’re not just moving, but actually heading towards your goals.